MTV Networks: Life as In- house Lawyer

8 03 2010

I recently attended a seminar given by Ms Sharifah Faure, head of Business & Legal Affairs at MTV International about Life as an in- house Lawyer.

Sharifah spoke about the daily life of  an in- house lawyer, and what kind of work that she, as a Media Lawyer gets up to on a daily basis. She also highlighted some of the key differences between that of a legal career in- house and that of private practice and the key future challenges that are facing in- house legal departments during this tough economic climate.

The seminar also highlighted the importance of becoming THE BEST CANDIDATE in your search for a training contract/legal career. How to maximise your chances with a 2.2 degree, the pursuit of work experience and the important tricks and techniques to ensure the effectiveness of your networking.

Remember – to get the job or the training contract is simple – all you have to do is to be the best candidate. The best candidate stands out and is very hard for law firms to ignore. Ensure that your application portrays the best candidate for the job and do everything you can to make sure that you are the best candidate.

This article is a must for anyone considering a legal career in- house, for those looking to brush up on their commercial awareness and for those who are seeking a training contract to gain some top tips from a leading lawyer.

To read the article in full, head on over to or use the link on the right hand side.





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